Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chabuton Ramen

We took a chance and ate at Chabuton Ramen. They say they won on a famous tv show called TV Champion. It's a cool show where often common people compete the best of the best of whatever field. I've seen the best origami artist, or the best kite maker, and in the end of the show, the winner doesn't win money or anything. It's just the honour and recognition of being the best of the best in Japan. That's very Japanese. I like it.

Anyway, since he won best ramen a few years back, I thought I'd give it a try. I tried their tsukemen, which is basically ramen, but the soup and noodles are served seperately. No particular advantage or disadvantage I guess, it's just a different way to eat it. But the soup is usually more concentrated because there is a bit of water still saturated in the noodles, which would further dilute the soup. Anyway, it was pretty good. Where can you find this place? I'm sure they have multiple locations (even outside of Japan), but we ate at the location in Akihabara (electric town) at the Yodobashi Camera store, upstairs on the food court level.......

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