Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cartier in Ginza

My wife and I were sitting in Ito-ya in Ginza (largest stationary store in Tokyo I think, and one of the coolest as well) and looking across at the Cartier store. Not only did they have a door man, but they had another person just inside the door. His only job was to bow and greet every guest as they walked in. My wife just had to go check it out so we did walk in. Unlike many high end stores, they were very nice and genuine (you can sort of tell by the way they smile not only with their mouth, but with their eyes.....). As we walked away from the store, I just noticed how gorgeous the building was!! Ginza is such a nice place to just walk around, people watch, building watch.......I love the wavy building behind Cartier. It's De Beers. Of course it is!!

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