Sunday, February 13, 2011

Haagen-Dazs in Japan

I think I've mentioned Haagen-Dazs in an older post, but they are really awesome in Japan. They actually have retail locations and make really good parfaits and other treats, just like Dairy Queen. My favorite is green tea with azuki beans and mochi!! You can't get that in Canada!! I noticed that even their standard flavours are different than the ones you can get over here. This one is my favorite: Milk Classic. How can I describe it? It's milky..... it's like those Japanese milk candies, you know that flavour? Well, they've managed to capture that flavour and put it into an icecream. My wife's favorite flavour in Canada is chocolate covered almonds in vanilla icecream (aka Vanilla Swiss Almond), but in Japan, they have the exact same thing, but with salty Macedamia nuts!! So good..... and do you notice they have the small individual sizes? In Canada, we only have the one size, 500 ml. It's too big for one person to finish in a single sitting, but not enough for 2. The single serving size is just perfect. In fact, big enough so you can try more than a single flavour!! Me likes!!

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