Saturday, October 20, 2012

Imaginary BMW Ad for Older 5 Series

As I was walking downtown last week, I saw a lonely BMW sitting in an empty parking lot between two buildings. It looked like a magazine or a billboard ad to me. I ran across the street and accidentally took a low rez shot at high iso (I was shooting some low light images previously and forgot to change the settings back).  I hate when I do that.

I decided to play around and try to salvage the shot: different aspect ratios, playing with colours, different lines of texts, fonts, and logos.  The low rez image actually makes the ad look kind of old, which works, since this BMW is probably early to mid 90's anyway. 

One of my favorite BMW's is actually from this era: the E34 M5. It was one of the only super-sedans that came in standard transmission only, no automatic. Only real drivers bought this car. I'm surprised they didn't use it in the Hollywood movie Ronin with Robert De Niro...maybe he can't drive stick? Nooooo....

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