Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apply Yourself: Walter White Graffiti Poster

I've seen this poster-style graffiti all over DT Vancouver. I don't watch Breaking Bad so I don't know anything about the character of Walter White, or if this is a line he's famous for saying in the show.  I don't yet know the name of the different artists around town doing most of the graffiti art in Vancouver either. Are they paid? Commissioned? Illegal? Grey area? Hopefully I'll run into one of these artists in the act and I'll interview them. Until then, here you go...

Shot on Fujifilm X-F1 at 50mm equiv. Full review soon...


  1. I'm actually not a fan of street photography. Hard for me too even fathom the mania seemingly surrounding the topic. Ardent fan of "Day in The Life" (Rick Smolan) type imagery though. Great image you composed here. Did you image this scene with the color isolation feature also? Might have been interesting to just have door in colour.

    1. Hi Brooks92.5,

      Thanks for your comment. I was thinking two things to focus the eye to the door: colour isolation or blur. I chose blur, but I could have easily gone isolation too. I guess street photography styles are different from person to person, and since this posting, I've evolved my style. Check out my Instagram account @bigheadtaco and let me know what you think. I shoot houses, buildings, graffiti, locks, people. I guess any essence of humanity. Also, have you heard of Fred Herzog? He has amazing photos as well. Rick Smolan is also a street photographer, and much of National Geographic photographers do some type of street photography. Anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed my above picture. The above artists name is Wrkless and his IG account is @wrkless. Nice guy.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      Best regards,



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