Monday, March 4, 2013

Orange Bike, Orange Hair, Acme Cafe

I was walking along Hastings Street in Vancouver looking to test the 'Partial Color' feature on the Fuji XF1. It's not as well executed as the Canon's, so I had to find a pre-determined colour to match the camera (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).  I found an orange recumbent bike that matched perfectly. I wanted to get a decent wide image of the cafe as well, so I had to step out onto the street to try and get the shot. Every time there was a break in traffic, I'd step out on to the road and take a few quick snapshots.  I patiently waited for the perfect moment of someone walking in, and eventually a guy with orange hair walked into my frame and headed for the door. I quickly took my shot, and I accidentally captured the curious reaction of the two girls in the cafe starring at the guy as well.  Right place, right time. 

My patience paid off. A good lesson for street photographers. Hang out at one location and give it a few minutes. I spent 15-20 minutes walking up and down this block, and this was the only keeper. Instead of chasing after a scene, sometimes we need to stand still...sometimes the scene just walks into your frame.

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