Friday, April 12, 2013

Preview: Canon G1X as Street Camera?

The Canon G1X is an unusual camera. It doesn't really fit into any category. Too big to be a point and shoot, but not versatile enough to be compared to most interchangeable lens system camera. What the G1X has is a huge 1.5" CMOS sensor, outperforming the micro 4/3 system cameras, and just slightly behind APS-C equipped cameras in terms of image quality. The lens is a modest 28-112mm F2.8-5.8, but it's better than most kit lenses on entry level interchangeable lens cameras. The autofocus is a bit better than most point and shoots, but not up to the level of most newer micro 4/3 and DSLR cameras.  The build quality is outstanding. It's a tank! The dials and buttons are super solid, built like an Canon L series lens or a single digit series Canon DSLR body . 

Who is this camera for? I don't know. I can't point to any particular group. What I will say is that if you are an experienced photographer, understanding the limits of any camera, but knowledgeable enough to adapt; then you will learn to love the G1X. I had it only for a week, and it was able to keep up with my needs as a street-style photographer. I've shot with so many cameras, starting with a manual focus Minolta XG-1 in the 80's, up to the latest DSLRs. I know there's never a perfect camera. You learn to adapt to whatever you shoot with, and you move forward to taking pictures. With that in mind, this camera will get the job done. 

I'll post a full review soon, but here's just a sample picture. I shot in colour isolation mode. I chose a nice red by snapping a sample off of a Coca-Cola truck and bumped up the sensativity to +5, so it would pick up everything from yellows and skin tones to orange as well. Canon's colour isolation mode is the best in the industry. 

As for the image, I found these guys hanging out in an alley and the guitarist agreed to pose for me. His friend, not so much!

I thank Gastown Photo for allowing me to borrow this camera for the week to do my review. Thanks John!!


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