Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rockstar Comes Out of Shadow into Light

I hate it when the sun is too bright! Everyone thinks photographers love the sun, but many of us don't. Why? It usually means shadows!! When I use to shoot weddings, I always told the wedding couple that a cloudy day is better than a sunny day, since the lighting is more even and nobody squints in the pictures.  That's why we often use flash even during the day, to even out lighting and avoid shadows, especially underneath the eyes and chin.  But when doing street photography, I never use flash on unsuspecting people, so I have to make due with whatever the lighting is for the day. For street photography, the best type of lighting is a nice, even, cloudy day!!

On this late afternoon, no clouds in sight as the sun was slowly making it's way westward, I noticed these long shadows that stretched across the street like fallen trees. I thought I would make good use of this contrast, noticing some crazy shadowing underneath some scaffolding along a construction zone as people passed through.  I was leaning up against a pole looking nonchalant as I took some shots of passerby's. I noticed rock star coming my way so I decided to get him as he walked through a shadow.  Just as he approached, he turned his head sideways. Perfect pose!! The shadows were so long that you can see me casting along the bottom of the image by the rock star's leg!

Shot with the Canon G1X in Color Accent mode, Coca-Cola Red and +5 sensativity.

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