Friday, May 31, 2013

Upcoming Tests: Ricoh GR & Minolta CLE

I'm testing out a few cameras at this time, including a Ricoh GR Digital iv and a Minolta CLE. I will be getting my hands on the new Ricoh GR as well, and perhaps the new Pentax MX-1. I've already been given the ok to test the Canon 5D Mrk III with an L series lens (thanks Gastown Photo), but I need to really set aside an afternoon to lug that bad boy out.

The above picture was actually a spontaneous shot. I was talking to John aka "Leon Boskovich" about bikes, and he was really interested in the CLE that was hanging off my neck. I was explaining to him how to focus with a rangefinder camera, so I told him to focus on me. Since I was already looking at him looking at me, I quickly shot back with the Ricoh GR-D. I cropped the image to a 21:9 cinema aspect ratio. More on that later...

I'll have the Ricoh review up soon, and I'll have a separate post on John and the wonderful world of bike couriers as well. Thanks for viewing...


  1. I'd actually be curious for your thoughts on the old CLE. Funnily enough, you can buy the Ricoh GR lens for M-Mount (well, LTM+adapter). I wonder if that would perform well on the CLE ;-)


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