Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well Dressed People Stand Out of a Crowd

Ok, I guess I kinda cheated by colour-isolating this well dressed older gentleman, but I was just trying to make my point even clearer. This dapper grandpa really stood out of the crowd while waiting for his bus on Hastings Street.

I'll give him 100 points for his suit, 20 points for his sweater, 40 for his slim wallet, another 50 for his hat and shades, and a bonus 100 points for his cool, calm countenance and dignified posture...minus 20 for his shoes and another minus 50 for his roller-bag.  Overall, 240 points. That's a solid 220 points above everyone else around him put together!!

This only proves you don't have to be rich or young to dress well in public. You just have to care enough and take the time to put yourself together. That's it. Thank you sir!!

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