Friday, July 19, 2013

Upcoming Review: The Fujifilm X-100S

1/500 sec f/5.6 @ ISO 800 and adjusted in Photoscape (DR, toning)

I've been working on my review of the X-100S the past few days and I've been comparing it in my mind with the other cameras I've recently tested. It's like when parents say they don't compare their kids with each other, we know its a lie. Yes, parents love their children equally, but they always have a favorite right? I happened to test the X-100S, Ricoh GR and the Leica X-Vario all at the same time, so each camera review is in relation to the other cameras I tested. Which did I like best? I like all three equally...ok, I'm lying! Of course I had a favorite. I'll reveal my favorite in my X-100S review. I can say though that each camera had their strengths (and weaknesses), and depending on the style of photography you shoot, you may choose a different camera over the next person.

I thought I would post this teaser for now. I scale focused this image (1.5M), cropped, HDR toned and converted to b&w in Photoscape. I had fun shooting with the X-100S. It's a solid camera, and I can see why so many street photographers have made the switch, and why this camera is sold out everywhere. Stay tuned for my full review in the next few days...

Full review of the Leica X-Vario posted here.

Full review of the Ricoh GR V posted here.

Finally, full review of the Fuji X-100S posted here.

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