Monday, June 9, 2014

Being Interviewed by Eric Kim Photography

Eric Kim posing for Tarry of Revolver Coffee. Stranger in the line of fire. Taken with Ricoh GR.

It was a busy few days. Thursday night I had a meeting at Matchstick Coffee with my good friend from The Lab and a major photo industry sales rep (I won't ruin the surprise, but something cool is coming to Vancouver). Friday morning I was introducing my local Leica rep with a local coffee shop owner, Tarry of Revolver Coffee. As we were finishing up our productive meeting, Tarry told me that Eric Kim was in town and that we should try and contact him. Sounds like a great idea, but how do we track this man down? My plan? Shoot near where he was doing his workshop until I accidentally bump into him.  As I was developing my ingenious strategy in my mind, George (Tarry's son) spotted someone who looked like Eric Kim sitting on the other side of the coffee shop working on his laptop. An Asian dude working in a coffee shop with his Mac laptop? That's such a rare sight in Vancouver!! Me and Tarry decided it was Eric and so we paparazzi'd him by attacking him with two cameras each... and yes, it was The Eric Kim!!

Eric talking with Richard with iStockphoto in front of the Standard Bike Shop on Gore & Union.

Eric is such a nice and genuine guy. He asked Tarry and I to sit down and join him and we spent half an hour talking about photography, blogging, camera equipment, and coffee! We continued talking over lunch, and I took him partially along my regular route through Chinatown and introduced him to a few of my regular stops. While we were walking and shooting, he said he wanted to interview me for his YouTube channel. Wow. I was surprised but excited. I've seen all his interviews, but I didn't think he would interview an unknown street photographer like me. John Goldsmith, yes, but Bigheadtaco? Here's the interview. 

After talking about the 'business' of being street photographers, he invited me to audit his street photography workshop so I could learn to run my own. I recently did a street photography thing in collaboration with MAP and Emily Carr U, but I was interested in doing more intense courses and something more structured. It was a fun 3 days and I learned a lot about what it takes to instruct a course. Eric is a very good teacher and a good mentor and he knows how to motivate and challenge his students. 

Thank you Eric for helping me map out my future as a serious street photographer in Vancouver, and also for spending time with me and openly showing me the ropes of how to navigate through the business of street photography. Me and Eric will collaborate on a few small projects, including trading articles with each other and we'll see where this may lead to.

This is Eric's version of our meeting, as well as his interview of me on his blog!!

If you are interested in working with me to create a street photography workshop, please contact me or comment below. Thanks for visiting, and happy shooting.




  1. That's pretty funny! Poor Eric got the taste of his own medicine - LOL

    1. Ya, it was really funny. John Goldsmith punk'd us while I was shooting a video interview of Eric in Gastown too. Go to John's Instagram account to see the picture. Eric is a good sport though. He looked surprised for a second, and then smiled and invited us to sit with him. He's a really, really, geniune guy that gave a lot of his time to me, even though we just met.

      Thanks for commenting and happy shooting!!



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