Monday, June 23, 2014

New Video: Ricoh GR Limited Edition

The Ricoh GR is my favourite compact camera of all time, both film and digital. The film GR-1 camera kept up with my full size SLR`s and lenses when it came to my wedding shoots back in the day; and the digital GR-D IV was compact yet powerful so it came with me where ever I went. The latest GR has an upgraded APS-C size sensor, equalling most DSLRs when it comes to sensor size. Check out my quick overview of the GR series, as well as some quick reasons why I love my latest GR, the GR Limited Edition. 


  1. And a lot of dead links on Ricoh site...

    1. really? Maybe they're just getting ready for the new Ricoh GR II. Let's see what happens.

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