Friday, January 20, 2017

Bling Bling: The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Graphite Edition

If you look at the modern history of professional cameras, the concept has always been pretty simple: build it sturdy and keep it stealth. Thinking back to all the flagship pro cameras of the past few decades, the 'all black' flagship is the standard across almost all Japanese camera manufacturers (with some exceptions of course). The Nikon F series (even the titanium versions were painted black), Canon F1 and EOS 1 series, Minolta 9xxx series (and Sony 9x series). Minolta did have that one horrible Maxxum/Dynax 9 in a gold titanium series, but I've never seen them in the hands of working pros. I shot pro sports for years, and all the cameras along the side lines, always black. Black means pro to many in the industry, and I tend to agree. Working photojournalists, sports photographers, conflict zone photographers, wedding photographers, they want a camera that work. The fact it's gold, silver or pink really isn't a priority and often a distraction (or the wrong type of attraction). This is why I understand the original X-Pro1 only came in black, and when the X-Pro2 was released last year, I knew that the engineers and designers would insist to only release it in black.

However, there is a big difference between the Fujifilm X Series cameras and many of the established SLR-DSLR flagship cameras. Fujifilm does have many pros who use their cameras for professional work, but because the cameras are more affordable (thus accessible) due Fujifilm's clear intent on making this system with an APS-C sensor, many non-professionals can also afford and enjoy the flagship cameras. This is a good thing. However, a flagship is a flagship. I'm sure the marketing guys at Fujifilm corporate approached the designers and engineers and asked politely for a silver model and they said absolutely not. Then they asked for a Graphite Silver model. Again they said no. Finally, they asked them, what special edition colour or finish would you like to make for the flagship camera? Hmmm.... how about graphite? YES!! The marketing department is happy, the engineers and designers are happy, and the customers are happy. Okay, I'm just hypothesizing all of this of course. I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sure there was some back and forth before they decided on making this X-Pro2 only graphite finish.

The price for the kit is only $50 more than buying the body, lens and lens hood separately, so compared to the X-T1 GS edition and the original X100 Black edition, this is a total bargain. At $2299 USD, it's not a cheap camera, but for the flagship in a special edition finish, I would say it's a reasonable price to pay for bragging rights. It's a beautiful finish, and I especially like the graphite look on the lens, but it isn't for everyone. I can still see working pros who are content with the all black model. For me, I walked away from being a professional photographer years ago, so I'm all about the bling. I look forward to checking out the X-T2 Graphite Silver once it becomes available in the next week or so, and then decide which finish I prefer. It is odd that you can get the X-T2 in Graphite Silver body only, but the X-Pro2 must be bundled as a kit. Again, perhaps it was a compromise, since there has been pro cameras that came in commemorative kit editions (think of Leica) over the years. For now, let's just admire the awesome finish and then go and make some great images with it. Thanks for reading and happy shooting

Check out my latest YouTube video unboxing of the X-Pro2 Graphite Edition:


  1. Curious, I believe the graphite silver x-t2 includes a premium leather strap, but I don't see any mention of any special strap with the graphite x-pro2.. which would be ashame as I feel this nice graphite edition x-pro2 deserves a special strap as well.. it kind of sucks Fujifilm has this share the title of flagship camera with the x-t2, yet, they leave out some goodies which makes no sense.. the ef-x8 accessory pop-up flash and if they do not include a nice leather strap as the x-t2 does, that's kind of wrong also, given you're already paying a premium price.. and keep in mind, you also pay a premium price for the x-t2 graphite silver edition, yet you still get more with it..AND, you pay less for the x-t2?!

    Granted, I own and use my own aftermarket camera strap anyways, but it would be nice if Fujifilm would have considered this graphite edition bundle set with full accessories to make it a really complete set even more worth the premium price tag.

    1. The X-Pro2 Graphite should also come with the premium leather strap, since even the standard X-Pro2 comes with it. However, I want Fujifilm to do a collaboration with a strap company and make limited edition straps for these special kits.

  2. I read that Post and got it fine and informative.


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