Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 15: Industrial Fireworks

I love and I hate working down at the docks. When we get an install job down at the shipyards, the working environment is heavy, heavy industrial. The smell, the noise, heavy objects being moved just above your head, it's all very stressful. And on top of that, you actually have to concentrate on work too!! At the same time, it's a great backdrop for great picture taking opportunities. Every moment I have, I sneek a quick picture off, since I don't want to waste any time at work. I was able to get this picture off because I was up on a manlift above the welder. We were working on a Coast Guard ship, and as we were maneuvering above and around him, I quickly took a few shots off, and this one stuck. I didn't know how the sparks would affect the camera's exposure, but I think it did a pretty good job. Pretty heavy post production work: Focus blurr, colour isolation, vignetting, aggressive contrast increase.The only thing that bothers me about the picture is the piece of masking tape dangling in the middle of the shot. Should I remove it? It's really bothering me........ argh!!

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