Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bridge Pics and Equipment Debate

I'm facinated by cloud patterns. I love the big fluffy ones (aka Cumulus). Whenever I ride home and I see a bunch of clouds just hanging around, I stop and I take a picture.

I've posted 4 pictures, two are taken with my Minolta A200 camera, and the other with my Panasonic FX50. Both have similar pixel count, but notice the difference in over all texture of the images. Even though all pictures have been edited, they still have a distinct look, especially the grain pattern. I like the look of the Minolta (the top two pics) versus the Panasonic. There's too much smudgy noise reduction on the Panasonic pics..... too bad it was pouring rain when I shot with the Minolta (you can see where the raindrop hit on the first image), while the Panasonic got the killer clouds!! As mentioned earlier, my Panasonic FX50 is a cheap work camera, but is small enough to be on my hip whilst I ride my bike, so it's always ready to take a picture. My other cameras I have to pack in my bag and takes a lot longer to set-up before I can shoot.

The answer to my dilemma? Buy a better, smaller, work camera. Which camera? My dream would be the Ricoh GR D III. Next, perhaps the Canon S90. A reasonable option would be aused Panasonic FX35 or FX37. Sorry for nerding out on equipment....but you know what they say: Neither wise men nor fools can work without tools!!

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