Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 16: Glow in the Dark Inukshuk

What a long day!! Work all day, and then scramble to pack to go to Whistler, go to a buddy's house to pick up snowboard equipment, fill up gas, and then finally off at 7pm!! We rolled into Whistler at 8:30pm, and it was snowing hard. As we drove in off of Highway 99, what greeted us was a big, illuminated Inukshuk, a remnant of the 2010 Olympics.

After dropping off our luggage and settling in and relaxing a bit, I ran outside in the snow to take this picture. It was cold and wet, but I was well prepared. I braced myself against a light post so I could still shoot at iso 200, a wide open F 2.0 and a slow 1/6 of a sec. You can see the snow coming down in the top right of the image, falling like stars...... not a great image, but good enough to make the blog. I was too tired to run around the village at 11pm to look for the perfect picture.......

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