Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soccer Mom's of Japan Transport on Bikes

This is a very common sight where ever children are congregated: a fleet of Japanese momma-bikes (aka "Mamachari"). In N.America, it's minivans and SUV's, but in the busy and densely populated cities of Japan, you would get nowhere in such huge vehicles, especially since many places in city have no parking lots. I'll post more pics of these mom's and their bikes in action, but it's not an uncommon sight to see a mom carrying two kids (one up front, one in the back) and groceries and plowing down the sidewalk avoiding pedestrians and vending machines in Tokyo.  I've also noticed, kids don't cry in Japan, at least the ones on the mamachari's. Maybe they're more worried about falling out, or crashing into one of their pre-school mates!! Ride on momma-riders!! Ride on Mamachari's!

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