Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vancouver's Crow Highway Mural Revisited

A few months back I took some pictures of the Crow Highway Mural but I was unable to get a good clear shot due to cars parked right in front of it. This time, when I saw the lot empty, I jumped out of my bus excitedly to get a worthy image. Although the parking lot was empty, the gate was closed , so I took two images: one from the sidewalk and one through the fence straight on. It's a beautiful old building, and the history behind the mural and the building is quite interesting too (follow this link). Too bad it's so far back from the street view, and too bad there's a parking lot right in front of it...

The clouds were looking spectacular that day as well. Notice how the clouds in the mural actually match the clouds above it? It was a good day for shooting. I love the fall. The lower angle of the sun allows for longer sunset-type lighting as the angle of light shoots across more atmosphere, thus making it warmer in tone. This includes the way the light hits the clouds......

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