Thursday, November 22, 2012

Charlie Noble Delivery at Whole Foods?

While grocery shopping, this employee walked past me wearing his black Whole Foods apron and matching Charlie Noble Global Delivery hoodie on. I asked him when did Whole Foods start a bike delivery service and who's this Charlie Noble dude?  

My man Aaron explained to me that it's just a vintage clothing company and no he wasn't a bike courier of fine food items. Really? I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping they were hiring....

Just a side point: I find the staff at Whole Foods are awesome. They're helpful, always look busy doing something, and friendly...even the cashiers!! My favorite location? Cambie and West Broadway in Vancouver. Thanks for your great service guys, and thanks for talking with me Aaron. You looked busy but you still took time to talk and pose for me. Just to compensate, I bought a little extra today, just in case your boss reads this blog entry...

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