Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hong Kong Bike Riders Ride Head-On!!

These previously posted pictures from Hong Kong highlight the fact that many ride against traffic instead of with the traffic. I was told it's because they believe it's safer for them, since they can see the cars coming at them, so they can avoid an accident. If they went with the traffic, they feel that they can't see cars creeping up from behind... hmmm, what do you think? Safer or more dangerous?

I also appreciate the working class bikes in Hong Kong. I love the double top tube on these things. They look bullet proof, and since they're single speed, it's easy to maintain. I wonder if they come in pink? How about yellow? Hong Kong is such a colourful and interesting city... except for their bikes...solid but boring. Ride on Hong Kong!! Just watch where you're going!!


  1. Cars and trucks are much bigger than me and my bike; I do what's better for them. It's much easier for them to see me and work me into their flow if I'm riding with traffic.

    Riding against traffic just creates an unexpected situation for drivers which makes a collision more likely. However, in the rider's defense, he will get to see the imminent collision coming.

  2. Ooops! Forgot to mention, I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate all my readers. I'll be in Hong Kong in Oct-Nov.


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