Friday, November 9, 2012

Try Looking Up and Shoot Buildings!!

Walking downtown, I love shooting up at buildings. I love manipulating my view point by pointing my camera straight up while walking from one corner of the intersection to the next, trying to create the best angle. Shooting upwards is great because you rarely have any obstructions: people, cars, trees, wires, etc. You also get to play with perspective, easily changing the entire image by just tilting your camera this way or that...shooting horizontally, it's alot harder to do this!!

People usually stare, wondering what on earth you're doing... ha ha!! I had one guy in a car look up, thinking perhaps there was something of interest.  I like shooting black and white when shooting buidings, as colour only gets in the way. The round ball thing is actually gold colour, but it's too distracting. I just wanted to juxtapose between different lines and shapes. Colour would only get in the way...

Try shooting up where you live. I'm sure cities like New York and Hong Kong would be amazing...just watch out for pedestrians and fire hydrants while you walk around looking up. Also be prepared for curious eyes wondering what on earth you're looking at!!

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