Monday, April 16, 2012

Gastown, Gaoler's Mews, Après-Midi and Bicycles

Last week I posted this orange bike parked in front of Après-Midi tea shop in Gastown.  I said it looked like it was parked there on purpose, like it was their sandwich board, like they do in Japan.

On Friday I was out and about with my Fuji/Megadestroyer track bike and decided to drop by again, and no orange bike this time. I did realize that it was the perfect place to lock up a bike as I went in for a quick tea before hitting the road again.

I was there again today with my wife and my buddy Jeremy, and again, no bike.  This time I took a picture of the entire building, found in the middle of  Gaoler's Mews. It's a little pedestrian walk-way just off Blood Alley.  Doesn't it look like an old prison though? There's 3 or 4 little coffee shops and restaurants in this corner alone.  Check it out when you have time for tea. And no, they don't have a sandwich board or a bike parked out front as a business beacon.  Just look for their Open Sign on their front door like a normal person!!

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