Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ride on Vancouver: Art or Transportation?

Walking through Gastown I noticed a store that didn't look like a store. What are they selling?  Maybe there's some salon chairs hidden in the back?  Perhaps a rack of clothes to sell inside the wardrobe? A weird one table restaurant?  A super small bookstore?  I seriously couldn't figure out what kind of business it was.  Even more art-gallery/show-home-like was the all-white super awesome track bike hidden in the  far left corner, behind the table and chairs. Was it ride-able? If so, has anyone ridden it? It's wrong to build a real bike and then only use it as a show piece isn't it?  It's like building a supercar and then just putting it on display. Or cooking an awesome meal, take a picture of it for a magazine and then throw away the dish!!  I want to ride that bike!! If only I can find a clean, dry, white sidewalk to ride on.  I wouldn't want to dirty those nice white tires........

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