Monday, April 2, 2012

Ride On Vancouver: Handle Bars

I love accessories in fashion: shoes, belts, gloves, bags.  It's all in the small details that makes the over-all look and feel of an outfit.  The same applies to bike accessories.  People focus so much on wheels and tires and pedals and seats, that they often overlook something as simple as handlebar wraps.  Look at this really cool brown Brooks handlebar wrap.  I think it makes the entire bike!

 I also noticed this odd shaped handlebar on this bike.  It looks pretty cool, and it gives a more upright riding position, better for looking up at traffic.  The grips are pretty nice too, notice the stitching on the ends.  I don't think you'll win too many races with cars or other cyclists with this style of handbar, but you will look good riding it.



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