Monday, April 9, 2012

Ride on Vancouver: It's All About Colours!

As mentioned on my previous post concerning bikes and accessories, I think the handlebars have become the "it" modification for hipster cyclists.  The handlebar colour is the equivalent to a flashy pair of gloves, or scarf, or even a cool hat. I'm not a fan of pink, although I've recently bought a pink tie and I'm starting to like it.  But pink handlebar tape? Where do they sell pink tape? Next to the pink tires and pink chain?

It was hard to miss this orange recumbent tricycle parked outside the Acme Cafe in Gastown.  It rides so low in traffic, I guess it needs to be loud to be seen, which explains the need for the flag as well.  These type of recumbent human-powered vehicles are actually very fast, as they tend to hold most of the world speed/distance records. The fastest recumbent bicycle was clocked at 132.5km/hr (82.33 mph).  That's faster than many cars!! Notice the little note on the hood of the bike? It basically says please don't touch but come inside the cafe and talk to the owner and he'll answer any questions you have. I couldn't tell who owned it though.  No obvious looking recumbent cyclist in the house.  Maybe I should have looked for matching coloured shoes or gloves or something!

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