Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cool Bike in Gastown

I'll be starting a new blog with a good buddy of mine soon.  Unlike my random pictures of random things, this blog will be more focused.  I'll let you know once we get it up and running...... thanks for viewing and thanks for your support thus far.


  1. Brooks rocks! Cant wait 2C that new blog. Loved the bike threads and the minimalistic apprehension shooting style and ofcourse SS/fixies. Be well! Keep it going!

    1. Thanks. I moved most of my randomness and wanderings to my Instagram account @bigheadtaco. This blog has evolved into a camera review and street photography how to blog. My other blog never materialized as my buddy moved on to bigger and better things (he's an animator). Thanks for following and keep up with my photography on Twitter and Instagram! Thanks!



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