Friday, May 18, 2012

Odd Location for Cool Mural

This was the first picture I took when I started my ride yesterday, and it was in a very unusual location: underneath an isolated overpass in a very obscure corner.  I've passed by here many times and never noticed it, but when I looked closely at the mural, I can tell it's been there for a while now.  It's too bad the sun hit only half the mural, but that's probably the only reason why I noticed it while I whipped past quickly (I actually had to do a u-turn to go back and get this shot!!). This is the type of street art I enjoy, although technically I guess it's graffiti art.  Old man feeding a squirrel.  I like it.......

P.S. Location is underneath the overpass to get to the ports, just off of McGill East of Renfrew St.  You can tell this is a popular shortcut for cyclists, as you can see one approaching me in the shot in the shadows......

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