Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Espresso Book Maker at Oscar's Bookstore

 When i first saw this machine in the middle of my favorite bookstore, I thought it was a homemade flux capacitor, or perhaps the fanciest espresso machine ever. Instead, I was told it was a mini book-making machine: print, bind and trim, all in a compact machine!!  I didn't even know these things existed!!  Check out the Youtube video explaining how this works. Pretty amazing!!  

Photographically, I colour isolated the center but I decided not to clean up the edges, allowing the blue to bleed onto the floor.  I want to see this machine in action one day. At the same time,  it would be cool if it could make a matcha soy latte as well as print your own book!! I didn't even know how to label this machine on my blog, so I put it under vending machine....not really a stretch is it?

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